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Our current course and workshop offerings are always changing. Please check back for future dates and new offerings.  

SHIFT Within

 During the 12 weeks with us we will create great awareness within and help you shift to your BEST self. We will meet in our coaching group twice per week where you will have access to us and the course learnings. These sessions will be supported by an online forum where we will share more information, where you can connect with us and your fellow students.

What is included:

12 weeks of group coaching

2 live sessions per week with both Kendra and Alison

An in depth workbook for you to work through during our weeks together 

A supporting forum on this site.

 Additional videos, inspiration, a safe place for questions, sharing and more!

Recorded meditations for you to utilize during the course

1 - 1 hour coaching session per month with either Kendra OR Alison

1 - 1 hour card reading per month with either Kendra OR Alison

Live sessions Mondays and Wednesdays 7 pm EST

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Value $5400

Introductory special  $3250

In depth growing and learning here I come!

CONNECT: Into Your Spirit

This 4 week (twice a week) highly interactive workshop will have you leaving with a higher connection to self and the world around you that leads to a change for the good.

The work will enable you to have a higher connection to spirit, understand it, delve into it and really create a strong connection that will elevate you, your knowledge, your intuition and understanding. 

Live sessions Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30 am to noon EST

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Value $1425

Special price $999

It is MY time!

Essence of You

Self Study at your own pace!

With a NEW topic each week, we build on the previous week's topic, in an easy and fun to manage experience. A mix of short videos and worksheets are used.
We provide incremental "to dos" each week that are easy and effortless to add to your routine (or perhaps help you create a routine!). Showing you many options for adding small "to-dos" we make it simple for your success!

Topics include:
Tips and Exercises to help you create a positive Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Incorporating and improving Self Care
Tying it all together and putting it into practice in your life
Fun and light with lots of hidden depth, that's what we offer you!
Each day we will support you with encouragement and FUN that will have you wanting to join us each day for a few minutes.

Jump in and see what you can become in 8 short weeks! Invest in Yourself!

We help you THRIVE!



It's Time!

CONNECT: Into Your Intuition

This course is a fantastic addition in the Connect Series. 

Step into your intuition, understanding the hits, feelings and messages you receive every day.  Ease your life by tapping into and learning to trust your intuition, saving time and worry.

We will teach you how to recognize it, use it, expand it and most importantly, TRUST it!

Join us for this interactive, fun and highly engaging course as we guide you through hands on exercises and learning how to tap into your intuition.

This course is designed as a 4 week  program with twice weekly live sessions and engaging online personal practice.

Live sessions Mondays and Wednesdays 

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My intuition says yes!

Essence of You Testimonial