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Our current course and workshop offerings are always changing. Please check back for future dates and new offerings.  

Invest in Yourself: Manifest Your Magic Workshop

This 2 hour workshop will teach you how to use manifestation to create what you want! 

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Invest in Yourself: Release Negative Energy Workshop

A workshop to help identify what energy you are holding and provides techniques to help  release the negative energy holding you back. 

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I'm Ready!

Developing Your Intuition Workshop

2 session workshop to help you identify and tap into your intuition, practicing in the workshops. You will be more comfortable trusting it. 

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Essence of You

An 8 week program using Mind-Body-Spirit building blocks to create more balance in your life with bite size tasks each session.                  (Self guided)

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It's Time!

Invest in Yourself: Manifest Your Magic for 2021!

This 2 Hour workshop will help you create and manifest your Dreams for 2021!

We will help you:

  • Reviewing your Intentions (Goals) for 2021
  • Creating a manifesting Vision
  • Creating a manifesting Mantra
  • Manifesting in action

Anything is possible!

Let's create YOUR Magical 2021!


Wednesday Sept 8 @ 12 noon

Invest in Yourself: Release Negative Energy Workshop

We all have at lot of energy influencing us whether we realize it or not.

This energy can weigh us down and keep us off balance. Are you feeling "heavy", procrastinating, tired, overwhelmed? Perhaps you are carrying latent energy that is not serving you to your highest good! 

Join us for this 2 hour workshop where we will help you identify the negative energy and release it so you can create an incredible next month! 


Tuesday Sept 28 @ 12 noon EST

Developing Your Intuition Workshop

This interactive TWO part Workshop will help you explore your intuition. 

✓ Do you have those gut feeling you question?
✓ So you have feelings or thoughts and think, after the fact "I should have listened"?
✓ Do you want to explore your intuitive gifts?
✓ Are you curious about what this means?

We will help you understand your intuitive gifts and give you hands-on experience exploring these gifts. 


Sept 14 and 16 @ 12 noon

Essence of You - 8 Week Course

Self Study at your own pace!

With a NEW topic each week, we build on the previous week's topic, in an easy and fun to manage experience. A mix of short videos and worksheets are used.
We provide incremental "to dos" each week that are easy and effortless to add to your routine (or perhaps help you create a routine!). Showing you many options for adding small "to-dos" we make it simple for your success!

Topics include:
Tips and Exercises to help you create a positive Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Incorporating and improving Self Care
Tying it all together and putting it into practice in your life

Fun and light with lots of hidden depth, that's what we offer you!
Each day we will support you with encouragement and FUN that will have you wanting to join us each day for a few minutes.

Jump in and see what you can become in 8 short weeks! Invest in Yourself!

We help you THRIVE!

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