Team Culture Strategy 


Everyone wants to do work that they are happy to do day, after day, after day. For most people, this is not the case. When a person spends 8+ hours per day at a job where they cannot realize some joy, their work-life balance suffers. The ensuing anxiety, realized or not, commuting to and from the workplace or working from home, adds to the negative impact on the person,  decreasing their productivity, work satisfaction and effectiveness. 


94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers say that healthy work culture is vital for success.

Company culture and values influence the bottom line.  Teams that cultivate a positive and strong workplace culture could see at 400% growth in revenue.

January 4, 2018 Company Culture and Employee Engagement Statistics

Offered in person and/or virtually, Live Love and Joy workshops and one to one coaching are designed to create a happier, more positive and interactive workplace and happier people who want to stay at their jobs and do their best.

Core Values Alignment


Does your company or team already have a great culture based on core values? We work with your employees/team members to define their Core Values and show them how they align with those of the company.

Based on our research, we realize people want to work with a team whose culture aligns with their personal values, and when they find that perfect fit, they are happy and more productive.  They also want to STAY with their employer/team.


94% of employees would stay in their current role longer if they felt the organization invested in their professional development.

Source: https;//
42 Shocking Company Culture Statistics You Need to Know by Kate Heinz Oct 2, 2019
Updated May 12, 2021

We utilize a job satisfaction survey as the starting point then again after the program.  

Everyone will complete Live Love and Joy's personalized Core Values exercise.  Once the personal core values are uncovered, we work with the team members to discover how they are honouring their core values in the various aspects of their life, as well as where there is discord.  We then look at how the personal core values align with the corporation’s core values.  From there we provide strategies and suggestions on how they can take responsibility for their own happiness.

By working with your team in this manner, you can expect happier people who are living more balanced, fulfilling lives - thereby bringing their best selves to work each day.  Employee and team morale will improve, which will increase retention and productivity.  This is a perfect introduction and entry point for your employees/team to engage in your company’s wellness offerings.

We offer one to one sessions allowing in depth work with each person.

We also offer this insight through a workshop settings - small groups, ideal for teams who want to work even more effectively together. And large workshop groups which are ideal if time is an issue.

Online sessions are also available.

Let's have a chat about the best option for your company. 

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Creating or Improving Corporate and Team Culture

Millennials in the workplace statistics show that this generation represents 35% of the global workforce and for them, corporate culture is more important than anything else. Around 75% are primarily interested in the work environment and professional growth. 

Source: Harvard Business Review, How Companies Can Attract the Best College Talent 
by Sanjeev Agrawal  March 17, 2014

This full day workshop engages employees/team members in the design of their corporate/team culture. Engaging them in designing the culture in which they work daily, empowers them. In this full day interactive workshop participants will:

  • Engage with one another, creating personal connection through team building activities throughout the day
  • Determine their own values 
  • Contribute to the overall cultural development for their workplace
  • Learn strategies to create a positive, engaging and empowered workplace
  • ​Create a corporate/team manifesto
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Working Remotely, Connected and Productive - On-Line Workshop 

As we move to telecommuting and employees working remotely, how to keep them engaged and productive is essential. This workshop is designed for on-line access, with employees. We will look at: 

  • employee morale

  • staying connected to corporate culture

  • how to stay productive working remotely


3 Part Series

1. How much happiness do you live?

The first workshop of the series is designed to bring awareness to participants. Once awareness is awakened, change can take place. Incorporating coaching techniques, hands on exercises and participant interaction, this workshop will look at: 

  • workplace morale
  • employee mindset
  • healthy and unhealthy factors contributing to workplace happiness
  • the importance of work-life balance and what's missing in achieving it
  • tips and techniques to achieve happiness and move towards work-life balance   

2. Put your Mind and Body to it and see what happens

The second interactive workshop looks at the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Energetic connection and how it impacts an employee's life when it's out of balance. Once again incorporating coaching techniques, hands on exercises and participant interaction, this workshop looks at: 

  • the interconnection of mental, physical and emotional elements on energy
  • how to recognize mental, physical or emotional triggers 
  • how to counteract mental, physical and emotional triggers 
  • science behind the mind, body, emotional connection
  • employees will start to recognize triggers and how to neutralize them


3. Energy Management

The third interactive workshop will look at each person's energy management skills and how to improve them.  Energy management versus time management will increase employee productivity. Each participant's impacting triggers will be identified. In this hands on workshop participants will learn:

  • their mental, physical, emotional energy triggers
  • techniques to increase their energy when triggers arise
  • how to remove triggers to gain more happiness and work-life balance. 
  • techniques they can use immediately to change their energy management habits

Custom Workshops and Coaching

Live Love and Joy can create a custom workshop specific to your needs. We know every workplace  has unique requirements and employees. We work with your  team to provide your team members the most effective, interactive and inspiring workshops to affect positive change in your workplace. 

Multi Company Workshops


This is ideal for the very small business owner who may have 1 or a few employees or sub contractors and wants to work on the culture for their business. These will be set up with the format of a corporate workshop, with each company having it's own table(s).  The benefits of a big workshop with being able to work on your company, regardless of the size.

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