Coaching Services

​Work One-to-One with Alison

It was inevitable that Alison become a Mentor and Coach, her whole life, she has been sought out as a confidante and calming force to friends. 
Her no nonsense and compassionate attitude allows her to incorporate her knowledge, understanding and intuition when empowering clients to reach their full potential. Alison believes everyone has the right to live a life of joy, doing what they truly love! 
She can help you THRIVE with her one-on-one coaching sessions. 
$150 + hst per hour
Details to book a time will be sent in an email.
Alison is RIGHT for ME!

Work One-to-One with Kendra  

With Kendra's years of experience as a Mentor and now a Coach, she has guided people to realize their potential. Kendra's innate caring nature encourages clients to open up and allow her to work her magic. As a natural connector and problem solver, she offers clients gentle, yet firm direction for them to realize their greatness. She will be your biggest cheerleader! Kendra loves witnessing people's success and helping them celebrate it! She will help you THRIVE!

$150 + hst per hour

Details to book a time will be sent in an email.

Kendra is RIGHT for ME!

Work One-to-Two with Alison and Kendra (the Powerhouse)

This dynamic duo, power team can help you with more knowledge and experience than you could need! It's like you're talking to two halves of one person, they even think the same! 
As intuitive mentors and coaches they can bring a higher level to any situation and help you, the client realize the right course of action FOR you, empowering you to reach beyond your wildest dreams! 
POSSIBLE is a powerful word. More is POSSIBLE than you can imagine. 
Let Kendra and Alison paint that picture for you and help you believe what's POSSIBLE!  

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